21 Day




It's Back to school and back to you!

Are you ready to step up YOUR game? 

Bell's challenges you to get Back:

To reality

To fitness

To healthy eating

To us!


Rules and Regulations: 


  • Entry fee is $59 (plus forwarding this email to one person you think might be interested in falling back)


  • Your competition starts the morning after your body fat measurements MUST be done by September 23rd.


  • For accountability we ask that everyone choose a partner - if you are unable to find a buddy, we will find someone for you.


  • The winning team will be the duo who has the most body fat % loss.  You are accountable to your teammate - you can't win this alone!


Exclusive Deals for SWEATember challengers!

Existing Clients:


3 personal training sessions for $99*!

Free Classes unlimited to the first 20 people*! 

*all classes and training are only for the duration of the contest


New Clients:


5 personal training sessions for $100*

FREE CLASSES unlimited*!







Anyone who hasn't trained with Arlena or Nicole will be able to take advantage of a

5 for $100 package (1 package limit)

- yes EVERYONE who has not

felt the "Sunshine" or experienced the "Storm Train"