Step Up Your Game

 with our

Steps to Success 

Holiday Contest!

Did you know the average person gains at least 5 pounds (up to 10 pounds) during the holiday season?  


YOU cannot afford to be AVERAGE this year.



Bell's Bodies Fitness is giving away over $300 in prizes to help YOU NOT be mediocre over the holidays.

 You can earn up to $150 towards any of our services for winning this contest!  This includes:


Personal Training

Group Fitness Classes

Massage Therapy

Functional Movement Screening

Postural Analysis


"It's Always too early to quit."


At Bell's Bodies Fitness "CAN'T" is a four letter word.  Our expert team of trainers will help you CREATE SUCCESS this holiday season


Lose Weight

Be Accountable for Your Actions

Get Results

Do Something Positive For Yourself & Others  


"Abs are made in the kitchen!"



Steps to Success will give you accountability with your eating habits as well as exercise.  You can do hundreds of sit ups to build that 6 pack but until you lose the fat around your midsection, those muscles will be hiding.  We will guide you in the right direction and give you opportunities to utilize those tools for Success!


Calories In  < Calories Out + Physical Activity = Fat Loss





"You can do anything for 30 days."


Form healthier habits in 30 days through deliberate & goal - oriented routines.  After just 2 weeks we can see the change in our tribe.  They start feeling better and moving with confidence.  They get "hooked on a feeling" of energy and wanting to do more to feel those endorphins flowing.  Bell's Bodies Fitness is not just a place to work out.  It's an experience.  

"Pain is weakness
leaving the body."


The Steps to Success will challenge you mentally and physically with a stronger, healthier you on the other side.  You will be learning new habits and forming new ideas about what's next!  


Fit is the new Skinny, right?