"The Storm Train"


Nicole Storm is our newest sensation at Bell's Bodies Fitness.  She is eager to get you started on your journey!  She's offering 5 sessions for $100 to start and that goes for EVERYONE!  



At the age of four, I was involved in competitive sports. By age eight I was a member of the Unites States Association of Gymnastics, more commonly known as the Junior Olympics. At age fifteen, I had to retire from gymnastics due to injuries and turned my attention to an after sports program for 120 urban elementary school students. It was here that I realized how influential athletics are for kids to learn social skills and gain self-confidence.

While at Widener University I also became a MADD DOG certified Spin Instructor. I loved working with my clients to assist them in reaching their fitness goals and watching them become empowered. I began instructing at UPCYCLE in Collingswood, New Jersey in 2015 and being that I love working with individuals to empower, strengthen, and improve their day-to-day life I was thrilled when Bell’s Bodies offered me a position at their studio.  I look forward to working with my clients to create lifestyle training, that they will be able to maintain and use in their day-to-day life.


Nicole is currently NASM certified which is a nationally recognized personal training certification.