Functional Movement & Postural Alignment Screenings

If the idea is to devise a plan that is custom tailored to you, your fitness and health, Bell's Bodies believes that a functional movement screening is essential. Chances are you don't even realize that you have alignment issues or muscular imbalances that affect your movement pattern. Even more likely that you don't equate pain and discomfort to these implications. 


By allowing us to perform a screening on you, you are essentially taking the most important step towards developing a plan that will:

(1st) correct the movement dysfunction and

(2nd)strengthen the musculature that supports proper functional movement


If you are an athlete, you will benefit greatly by decreasing your injury potential by 80-90%. Don't worry, if you aren't an athlete, you can still benefit from the increased functional capacity. Those hard-to-do tasks at home, work and play can easily be addressed and improved upon significantly. 


We feel it is our responsiblity to provide you with products that we believe help you to achieve greater health. Don't hesitate to call 856.287.9340 Chris & Chris to get yourself scheduled for a 20-30 minute assessment. 


Assessment Pricing

$25 per assessment w/ the FMS unit

$50 per assessment w/ the FMS unit + 30 minute session to show you how to correct your movement dysfunctions