Luminosity 5K Fun Walk/Run

Bell's Bodies Fitness is excited to bring you our First Annual Luminosity 5K Run!

  "Luminosity" comes from the term luminous flux which means "the measure of the radiance of light".  Luminosity represents the strength we see every day from the people who we meet, living and fighting - some winning and some losing - but all exuding the radiance of light with exceptional strength when facing unimaginable obstacles.  We stand here in awe of you and your families and hope to continue to learn about life and living from all of you.  Your willingness and unspeakable courage truly inspire us to be better people in this world and live life in the moment.  Thank you for that.


We are always looking for ways to give back to the people who inspire us to do great and be great.  So we are taking it up a notch with our first 5K run to raise money and awareness.  We hope to use this platform to get the information to the communities in a new fun way, and inspire others to get involved and learn about the cause.  


This year we are running for The River Sisters Women's Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team.  These courageous ladies have refused to surrender to their disease physically or emotionally.  They are committed to raising awareness about all cancers and their mission is to teach others "who are weakened by the struggle of cancer that there is life after disease."  Their courage and strength have inspired us to want to lend a hand.  The River Sisters do a lot of charity work with cancer patients and they need our help!