Personal Trainer and Varsity Coach


Fitness and exercise, or a form of it, came into my life when I was 8 years old after seeing the movie, Rocky 3. I immediately began doing push ups and sit ups. Shortly after, TV once again played a role, as I was a huge fan of Pro Wrestling and my hero was Hulk Hogan. Now you can say what you want about all the negative thats been heard in the news over the years, but when I was a kid Hulk Hogan spoke about the four rules he lived by "The training, the prayers, the vitamins,and believing in yourself." And thats all I needed, I never missed taking my flinstones vitamins, I was drinking my milk, eating my wheaties, and continuing with my push ups and sit ups. When I was 14 years old my brother brought home two 8lb sand weights, from a garage he helped someone clean out, and said to me "Do you want these?" ... I replied "Yes" .. I've never let him live down his next words to me "Why? You're never gonna use them."


All through school I was involved in baseball, street hockey, wrestling, cross country, and track as I continued with my push ups and yes...the 8lb sand weights. Strangely enough, I didnt join my first gym until I was 21 years old. But being the "gym guy" is where my love for personal training began. I would help EVERYONE, so much to the point that my boss told me to stop and that these people were only paying gym memberships. "If you help one person, everyone is going to want you to help them" .. But I had no problem with that. At 24 years old, after taking some classes in Exercise Physiology and Theories And Applications Of A Personal Trainer, I decided to get certified (ACE/ American Council on Exercise and NASM/National Academy Of Sports Medicine) In 1999, I had my first personal training job and was FORTUNATE enough to work with/learn from some very knowledgeable people. 

Over the years I took a more hands on approach in my education by training in different styles of fitness, such as kettle bells, tabata, MMA, mass building, sports specific, and crossfit.  I'm currently in the middle of "reupping" my certifications, as fitness changes everyday and there's still always new things to learn.

One thing is for certain, I'll NEVER hand someone 8 lb sand weights and tell them "You're never gonna use them." 


John Geisenheimer

(aka Geise)

ACE (2013)