Christopher Bell

National Academy Personal Trainer

Weight Loss Specialist

Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist


President, Owner


Christopher Bell's passion began as a certified Personal Trainer in 2001. In 2009, things changed. His passion led to the opening of Bell’s Bodies Fitness.


He currently holds National Academy of Sports Medicine accreditations in the following programs:

  • Weight Loss Specialist

  •  Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist 

  • Children and Teen Fitness Certification (American Aerobic Association International)


Chris has had continuing education in the following areas of fitness...

-Boot Camp/Group Exercise Instruction

-TRX Suspension Training

-Corrective Exercise

-Postural assessment

-Cardiovascular Training

-Core Stabilization and Strengthening

-Stability and Medicine Ball

-Balance Training, BOSU ball

-Flexibility, Static and PNF Stretching

-Plyometrics and Ballistic Movement

-Dynamic Movement

-Resistance Band Exercise

-Sports Nutrition

-Myofascial Release (flexibility)

-Strength Training for Athletes




Chris has been mentored by world famous Trainer and Entrepreneur, Todd Durkin. Chris is an active member of the Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute. This group exists to educate, motivate and inspire health and fitness professionals to grow exponentially both personally and professionally. “We are a tribe of pioneers who collaborate on the most effective ways to shape the fitness industry and improve the lives of people around us.”-Todd Durkin


Chris believes there is an athlete within everyone and that anyone can benefit from utilizing the skills of an educated trainer. “As a fitness professional, it is my job to safely push you out of your comfort zone during exercise. Sometimes we even step into your “discomfort zone”...but that is what it takes to invoke change from within.  Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens! I always want my clients to feel exhausted but energized after our sessions. I want you to feel the blood flowing, endorphins surging, sweat pouring, all while having fun with fitness!”