Ally Averell

"Hi! My name is Ally and I have been part of the fitness community since the day I was born. I have an extensive background in soccer with a father who played professionally. As early as high school, I began to coach teams and individually train players. I also played in college and in various women's league for years after. Due to a heart condition I was unable to lift weights until I was in my twenties. Up until that point, I strictly relied on body weight exercises and cardio. I took up martial arts in 2010 and still train with a dojo which practices traditional Shotokon.

My love of exercise and helping others drove me to become a certified group exercise class instructor teaching cardio kickboxing and bootcamp style classes in 2012. After gaining about thirty pounds in only about two months and fighting symptoms such as depression, hair loss, etc. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. I decided to seek help from a personal trainer since all my efforts were failing. After a four year battle to get the weight off, my doctor said I could now weight train. This opened my eyes to a new world. I lost thirty seven percent of my body fat and gained seventeen pounds of muscle in about five months."


"Passionate about helping others who are also struggling with their fitness and health goals, I decided to become a certified personal trainer myself through AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates) in 2014. I am always continuing my education and looking for new and creative ways to make fitness fun and personal for every individual. I am now a certified ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) for personal training, Strength and Conditioning, and Basic Nutrition. I am firm believer that the number on the scale is not important, but how you feel is what matters the most. I wants to help each person be the best they can be no matter what their situation or current circumstance. Anything is possible."